Work with Us

Work with Amazing People:

Our team is carefully selected, we look for forward thinkers who strive on delivering results.
Join a proactive firm, continuously building a team of experts in the Business Services Industry who have a passion for their work and enjoy being part of a fun dynamic team.
We don’t believe in outsourcing our work overseas and that is why we are constantly looking for amazing people to join our team.

Entrepreneurial Clients:

As a young and progressive firm, we have amazing clients who strive to achieve results who actively work on growing their business and personal wealth. Many of our clients are constantly exploring new ideas and expanding their businesses, sometimes within the same industry and other times in completely new industries.

Our relationship with our clients is personal, we don’t consider them to be numbers or fees and don’t refer to them as such. One of the many reasons why we have grown by referrals and continue to rapidly grow.


We are not your traditional accounting firm. We have a diverse and unique client base, compliance is not our main focus. Our niche is Business Improvement and Development, our team is exposed to many technical and challenging business issues and work with clients to further develop their skills.

Progression within the firm is available, and is determined by a team members’ commitment and dedication, the sky is the limit when it comes to what can be achieved in personal growth. A tailored training plan is provided for each team member with feedback provided every 3 months of progression and formal review every 6 months.

Your Personal Growth

We offer team members a number of benefits and incentives to assist with their development and growth as individuals and professional:

  • Training value budget of up to $3,000 for each team member to be utilised for personal development as they see fit
  • New Apple iPad for work and personal use
  • Fortnightly tax update training sessions
  • Optional monthly special topic training sessions

We encourage continuous skill and knowledge development of all our team members by providing:

  • Fortnightly tax update training sessions
  • Monthly special topic training sessions
  • Individual training and development plan
  • External Seminars and Webinars