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Dendra Accounting Group is an award winning accounting firm based in Blackburn, Victoria, recognised by experts in the Australian accounting industry as consistently delivering outstanding outcomes for it’s clients, who are predominantly businesses & contractors based in Melbourne. Our objective is to help our clients minimise tax and maximise wealth. We specialise in serving the needs of small and medium sized businesses and we have considerable experience in recovering interest and penalties from the ATO, even when already paid, and also in successfully applying for government grants; especially for business in manufacturing and export.

Business Accountants, experts in tax minimisation & recovering interest & penalties from the A.T.O., even when paid.

A Finalist in the Australian Accounting Industry Awards for the past three years, Dendra have been recognised with nominations for ‘Boutique Accounting Firm of the Year’, ‘Fastest Growing Firm of the Year’, ‘Business Advisory Firm of the Year’, ‘Accounting Firm of the Year’ ‘Office Manager of the Year’ and ‘Executive of the Year’; and in 2017 George Kontominas, the Principal Accountant at Dendra Accounting Group won the SMSF & Accounting Award for Victorian Partner of the Year.

Choosing Dendra you can be confident that any advice you receive is the best possible advice, tailored to extract the maximum benefit from your individual circumstances, and will place you and your business in the best possible financial position. We can assist with:

  • Strategies to help protect assets and maximise wealth
  • Optimal business structuring
  • Specialist knowledge on tax for manufacturing & export businesses
  • Assisting businesses to gain access to Government Incentives & Grants
  • Negotiations with the ATO &
  • The recovery of interest & penalties from the ATO, (even when already paid).

What We Believe in & Stand for as Your Accountants

At Dendra we exist to serve our clients and truly believe that your accountant should be the most trusted, reliable and responsive consultant supporting you and your business. But in 90% of cases, when we meet with people looking for a new accountant, we find that their experience with accountants is anything but this… Typically people tell us:

  • When they call their accountant, they don’t get back to them in a timely and prompt manner.
  • Their accountants never to hardly ever spend face-to-face time with them, or actively ask questions to discover what’s going on in their business and what problems they are dealing with; and never just call you to check in and see how things are going.
  • Many also complain about getting surprises on their bill, and find they’ve been charged for things they never anticipated or agreed to.

None of these happen when you have Dendra as your accountants.

For us communication is critical! We prioritise getting back to you when you call, and each and every year we sit down with you in a face-to-face meeting to get up to date with your biggest challenges. This face to face time allows us to understand your situation and bring our expertise to bear in ways that makes a huge difference to your bottom line.

We make recommendations based on what we discover during these in-depth meetings and provide a quote for all the initiatives we recommend, which are fully costed with bottom line benefits to you clearly shown in revenue or saving projections. You will always understand what we are doing and why, and how the work will benefit you. And because we are intimately involved with doing things that make a real difference to your bottom line, we will regularly call to check in and see how things are tracking at your end. It’s all part of our client centred business focus.

Business Accountant Melbourne, small business & manufacturing experts

Are you 100% Confident that your Accountant is doing all your Work themselves, right here in Australia?

This might sound like an outrageous question to ask, but there is not a single week that goes by when we don’t get calls from third world companies based in the Philippines, Vietnam and India, offering to do all our client work for us offshore!

From the volume of calls we receive, we believe this alarming practice is rifeHere’s what happens to your personal business information when it’s sent overseas to be processed…

Unbeknown to you, your sensitive business records and tax information are sent overseas, via the internet, often via insecure email, to be worked on by non-qualified people in accounting sweatshops, where people with an incomplete grasp of English, who don’t really understand the work they are doing, step your data through factory like procedures, to produce, at best, extremely mediocre outcomes, and at worst – incompetent results!

If this concerns you, (and we believe it should), we urge you to call your accountants today and ask them if they send your account information overseas to be worked on? And when you do, tell them that you want their answer in writing. We never use unqualified or overseas people to do our work because we know it will not produce the kind of results our clients come to us for. People come to Dendra to do better!

Why do Businesses do better with Dendra?

In an interview after winning Victorian Accounting Partner of the Year at the SMSF Accounting Awards, George Kontominas  shared how his vision for Dendra Accounting Group came directly in response to how dissatisfied he felt as an accountant after his first four years working in an accounting firm. What he shared is the reason why Dendra exists, and why your businesses will do better working with Dendra

“Back in 2002 when I stepped out on my own, my main reason for doing so was because I didn’t like the way clients were treated in a typical Accounting firm, that is, like a number… I felt my work was factory like, there was no innovation, no room for personalisation, and as a result the best I could do was produce mediocre outcomes.  I knew I could do better for my clients if I wasn’t forced to treat people’s financial situations like components in a production line. I wanted the freedom to use my skills to look deeper, to customise solutions to match individual circumstances so I could really help businesses. That’s what drove me to  step out on my own, and that desire is what has driven the development of the unique culture we now have at Dendra.”

A Winning Team led by an Award Winning Leader

Led by George Kontominas, Dendra’s team of talented accountants includes some of the best and brightest accounting minds in Melbourne, who work at Dendra because they get the opportunity to work in a team based environment that digs deeper and goes further to really help it’s clients. But what does that mean? It means we focus on innovation, the latest technology, continued learning and development and most important of all – a team based analysis of your business and personal situation. Every clients situation is different and as a team we collaborate to optimise your affairs, by minimising tax and maximising wealth.

Innovative Teamwork that Benefits Your Business

At Dendra, we encourage collaboration between our team of industry leading accounting experts, who all discuss and brainstorm your account. This means you don’t just get a new accountant, you get a team of expert accountants collaborating together, identifying every possible angle or advantage to benefit your situation.

This team based account management approach sets Dendra Accounting Group apart from every other firm of accountants in Melbourne, and helps us produce exceptional results.

Our Promise to You:

You will get the very best tax advice, the very best advice on your business structure and access to the most up to date, safe, legal and effective financial strategies available. We will help you minimise tax, protect your business and personal assets and increase your wealth.

We can help with:

  • Tax minimisation strategies
  • Personal wealth strategies
  • Financial Compliance issues and
  • The negotiation of short and long term ATO payment arrangements

So, if you are looking for a proactive business accountant, a firm committed to helping you restructure and grow your business and improve your personal wealth, then look no further than Dendra. We really do strive to be the best accountants in Melbourne.

To experience the ‘Dendra Difference’, book a consultation at our Blackburn office, or make a time when we can come to you, call 03 9808 0208 now or click here.