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“ATA Signage Services manufacture and install all types of signage, from small decals to large pylons and everything in between. When we decided to move from a small sole proprietor into a Pty Ltd company we interviewed 5 different accountants, and chose Dendra for the job. Some of the accountants we interviewed talked down to us, others told us about what their plans would be to grow our business for us. Some wanted to charge us the earth and gave us the impression that they would also bill us for a simple question or email on the odd occasion, and others just made us feel uncomfortable.

Dendra did none of this. They understood what we wanted, were able to explain a suitable company structure and the process to us without using complicated language so that we fully understood and felt good about the choices we made. They are down to earth, speak plainly and give us their honest opinion and up to date advice. They advise us on how to best manage and protect our assets and are always trying to be as proactive in their tax and small business planning as possible. Dendra have also never charged us exorbitant fees and have always been accessible when we’ve needed them – by phone, email or in person – which is very important to us.

Having Dendra working with us gives us the peace of mind that we are getting the most out of our financial options and taxable obligations, and, that we are compliant in all Government regulations because Dendra take care of a lot of the higher level company ASIC and other requirements leaving us to focus on what we do best – making signage.”

Cedric & Jennifer Paul

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